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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adams-Thompson-Gabbard House Near Lancaster in Garrard County

CIRCA 1798

Colonial brick house on Crab Orchard Road five (5) miles from Lancaster.One of the early owners was a John Q. Adams (1811-1865) who is believed to have been related to the famous Adams family of Massachusetts,possibly a nephew.

Adams, a Southern sympathiser and slave holder,was ambushed by Unionists on his way to Crab Orchard in 1865.

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Jen said...

Hello, I enjoyed your post and photos of Waldenwood, named for owners prior to John Quincy Adams - John and Elizabeth Walden whose daughter, Angelina, married John Quincy Adams. John Quincy is my gggGrandfather. I've heard various accounts regarding his murder, including attack by Unionists and possible family feud, but have been unable to find any documentation or even record of his death other than his grave stone. I would love to know anything you have heard about his death.
Thanks again!