"Soon after, I returned home to my family, with a determination to bring them as soon as possible to live in Kentucky, which I esteemed a second paradise, at the risk of my life and fortune.
Daniel Boone


Friday, March 15, 2013


You might find this interesting.

Today's history lesson:
* The bloodiest civil war battle was fought in
Perryville , Kentucky ..

*The first town in the United States to be named for the first president
was Washington , Ky. It was named in 1780.

*1792 - Kentucky was the first state on the western frontier to join the

*In the War of 1812 more than half of all Americans killed in
action were Kentuckians.

*1816 - (first promoted) Mammoth Cave , with 336+ miles of mapped
passages, is the world's longest cave. It is 379 feet deep and
contains at least 5 levels of passages. It's second only to Niagara Falls
as the most popular tourist attraction in the US .. It became a National
Park on July 1, 1941.

*The first American performance of a Beethoven symphony was in
Lexington. KY in 1817.

*Begun in 1819 the first commercial oil well was on the
Cumberland River in McCreary County .

* Kentucky is the state where both Abraham Lincoln, President of
the Union , and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, were
born. They were born less than one hundred miles and one year apart.

*1856 - The first enamel bathtub was made in Louisville

*In 1873, Louisville druggist John Colgan invented something that
you can find in any just about every grocery store in the world, chewing

*1883 - The first electric light bulb was shown in Louisville .
Thomas Alva Edison introduced his invention to crowds at the Southern

*1887 - Mother's Day was first observed in Henderson by teacher
Mary S. Wilson . It became a national holiday in 1916.

*The radio was invented by a Kentuckian named Nathan B.
Stubblefield of Murray in 1892. This was three years before Marconi made his claim to the invention.

* Pike County the world's largest producer of coal is famous for
the Hatfield-McCoy feud, an Appalachian vendetta that lasted from the
Civil War to the 1890s.

*1893 - 'Happy Birthday to You', probably the most sung song in the
world, was written by two Louisville sisters - Mildred and Patricia Hill.

*Late 19th century - Bibb lettuce was first cultivated by Jack Bibb
in Frankfort , Kentucky

*1896 - The first (known) set of all male quintuplets was born in
Paducah .

*Carrie Nation the spokesperson against rum, tobacco, pornography,
and corsets was born near Lancaster in Garrard County .

*1926 - A Hot Brown is a hot sandwich originally created at the
Brown Hotel in Louisville , Kentucky , by Fred K. Schmidt.

*.1934 - Cheeseburgers were first tasted at
Kaelin's Restaurant in Louisville .

*1937 - The first Wigwam Village Motel, with units in the shape of
a 'teepee', was built by Frank A. Redford in Cave City, KY.

*The world's largest baseball bat, a full one hundred twenty (120)
feet tall and weighing 68,000 pounds, can be seen at the Louisville
Slugger Museum in Louisville (Jefferson Co.).

*Chevrolet Corvettes are manufactured only in Bowling Green .

* Covington (St. Mary's Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption) is
home to the world's largest hand blown stained glass window in existence. It
measures an astounding 24 feet by 67 feet and contains 117 different

*The world's largest crucifix, standing at sixty feet
tall, is in Bardstown (Nelson Co.).

* Fort Knox holds more than $6 billion worth of gold - the
largest amount stored anywhere in the world.

*The JIF plant in Lexington is the world's largest peanut
butter producing facility.

* Kentucky has more resort parks than any other state in the

*Middlesboro is the only United States city built inside a meteor

* Newport is home to The World Peace Bell, the world's largest
free-swinging bell.

*Pikeville annually leads the nation (per capita) in consumption of

*Post-It Notes are made exclusively in Cynthiana , KY.

* Shaker Village ( Pleasant Hill ) is the largest historic
community of its kind in the U.S.

* Christian County is 'wet', while Bourbon County is 'dry'.
('wet 'sells liquor; 'dry' does not)

* Barren County has the most fertile land in the state.

* Lake Cumberland has more miles of shoreline than the state of

* Kentucky is best known for its beautiful blue-hued grass.

* Cumberland is the only waterfall in the world to
regularly display a Moon bow. It is located just southwest of Corbin.

*Thunder Over Louisville is the opening ceremony for the Kentucky
Derby Festival and is the world's largest fireworks display.

*The only monument south of the Ohio River dedicated to Union Soldiers
who died in the Civil War is located in Vanceburg.

* High Bridge located near Nicholasville is the highest railroad
bridge over navigable water in the United States ..

*The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington has 82 stained-glass
windows including the world's largest hand-blown one.
The window measures 24 feet wide by 67 feet high and depicts the
Council of Ephesus with 134 life-sized figures.

*The Lost River Cave and Valley Bowling Green includes a cave with
the shortest and deepest underground river in the world. It contains
the largest cave opening east of the Mississippi .

*The Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously held horse race in
the country. It is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville on the first
Saturday in May.

* Kentucky is the horse capitol of the world.

*Mohammed Ali, The Greatest and most recognized face in the world
was born in Louisville , KY.

*To some people, there are only three things that matter in the state of Kentucky : Bourbon, Basketball, and Horse racing.