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Daniel Boone


Monday, January 5, 2009

James Ellis Stone Tavern

The old stone inn was a stagecoach stop on the Maysville-Lexington Turnpike and was operated by Revolutionary War soldier,James Ellis. Located on US 68 in Ellisville in Nicholas County.

House built ca. 1807 by James Ellis, Revolutionary War soldier; it was well-known point on "Smith's Wagon Road" and Ohio-to-Alabama mail stagecoach line. Ellisville named county seat of Nicholas Co., 1805. Across road stood county's first courthouse, 1806-1816. Seat moved to Carlisle.


Linda said...

Wow, Steve, just discovered your website, and love it (more than I love your other one ... I am a diehard Obama supporter, ha ha!) I am so intrigued by all the old places you have here, and wonder: how do you find them, and how do you learn so much about them? (I love history and old places, too. My husband and I live near Chicago but we've spent the last three years restoring an old log cabin in Ky. I absolutely *love* Kentucky!!!!

Best regards, Linda

Steve Manning said...

Thanks Linda. I just love to travel the back roads and always have a camera with me. I research the building after I discover it and I am an amateur historian.

Where is your log cabin located?

Judith M. Kessinger said...

Hello, Just discovered your website (found it while looking for information on the William Whitley House) and have bookmarked it to look back on all the sites you have visited. I deeply love Kentucky historical sites and backroads. My Delorme 'Kentucky Atlas & Gazetteer' or a 'Kentucky Explorer' is never far from me.
I've never heard about the James Ellis Stone Tavern though.. It's wonderful! Is it being preserved or restored? I hope so... not another bit of our history to be gone forever.

Anonymous said...

James Ellis was not a soldier of the Revolution. He is listed as a patriot because he supplied provisions to troops going to the Battle of Blue Licks.

-- Ted McGill, Louisville